Where it all began....


Primaluce Tours & Safaris was established in 1998 by bush-lover, Chris Murray. He was born and bred in Zimbabwe, previously known as Rhodesia. Growing up in the African bushveld, Chris and his three brothers ran wild in their 60,000 acre farm…catapult tucked  in their trousers and a rifle slung over their one shoulder. They spent their holidays tracking wild animals, surviving on their immediate environment and soaking in what nature has to offer. The unforgettable African sunrises and deafening noises of the nocturnal animals at night impelled Chris to follow his dreams of creating a channel where he could share his stories and impart his knowledge with others.

Chris’s inspiration behind PRIMALUCE came from his love of the African sunrise. ‘Primaluce’ meaning ‘First Light’ is symbolic of his love and passion of this magnificent sight.


Cameron, Chris's son joined the business in 2016, with a passion for Africa just like his father and the  determination to share Africa with the world. Born and raised in a family that has a keen sense of adventure ,knowledge of the inner magic of Africa and the ability to share the treasures that Africa has to offer, Cameron not only ensures that this family business grows, he has got a deep love for Primaluce tours & Safaris.


‘Follow the Sun to Africa’ talks to you about all your dreams and desires to experience an unforgettable authentic African safari.

Come explore with us…