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South Africa

Primaluce Tours & Safaris is an Inbound Tour Operator and DMC that provides personalised services according to your taste, your ideas and your budget. We will work together with you to draft your dream itinerary and help you make that dream a reality – we are here to help you every step of the way.

Culture, Ndebele
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South Africa is known for its abounding wildlife as contrasting landscapes, but the real heartbeat of this colourful country is the diversity of people and cultures. South Africa’s history goes way back to the beginning of time. Many of the rich cultures that make up South Africa’s contrast, stem from the ancient world, whilst other cultures are relatively new – and others are a prodigious mix of both.

A land full of contrast and rich culture. A place where modern meets rustic, tradition meets technology and city-skylines blend effortlessly with the untamed terrain and wildlife. If you’re looking for a country that has everything, this is it.

You are guaranteed to come across every landscape imaginable, from deserts to waterfalls, mountains to crystal blue oceans. The contrasting landscapes complement each other to form a beautiful masterpiece, like different pieces of the same puzzle, each piece unique, yet fitting perfectly into the bigger picture. The magic of this place we call home, lies in the colourful diversity of its people.

Top Tours

With depths of knowledge and experience in the tourism industry, we have been able to cherry-pick some of our best selling tours from over the years. We have always believed that a just the right amount of culture, wilderness and activity in all our tours is the secret reciepe to a world class experience. Although these are some of our top picks, we are here to help you every step of the way and can customise your tour to your unique tastes and requirements. Let us help you Follow the Sun To Africa...

Our Services

At Primaluce Tours & Safaris, we believe in a customer centric approach that focuses on a positive customer experience from the moment we receive that first email to months after you return back from your dream holiday. We also believe in "Local is Lekker" and strive to use local producers, accommodations and support local communities along all our routes, thus including our communities in the tourism value chain. Sustainable tourism is a conscious decision to ensure our industry survives.

01. Day/Multi-Day Tours

We offer personalised day tours and multi day tours across every region in South Africa. Guided and Self-Drive Tours available.

02. Customisation

With years of experience in the industry, our team of travel experts are able to customise your itinerary to suit your every need.

03. Adventure/Leisure

We understand that everyone has unique interests, so let us work together with you to plan a unique itinerary that is purely for leisure OR with a touch of adventure. 


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